March 28, 2017

Special Care Cats

Often older cats or breeds with special needs require proactive management of chronic disease.  The Special Care Plan is designed specifically for this group.


  • Comprehensive physical exam (2x)

This in-depth evaluation assesses your cat’s overall health and establishes important baseline information for you and your veterinarian.

  • Vaccinations*

Protects against the most important infectious diseases your cat can get.

  • Diagnostic testing including bloodwork, internal organ screens, leukemia**, feline immunodeficiency virus** and ear swab**

Identifies disease, parasites and infections.  Catches issues early before they become more serious and harder to treat.  Builds baselines for current and future care.

  • Fecal exam (2x) and deworming (4x)

Detects and treats parasites and other intestinal organisms that can cause disease.

  • Preventive X-rays (3 views)

Evaluates the tissues, organs and bones to assess potential health concerns based on your pet’s age and breed.

  • Thyroid test

Ensures your cat doesn’t have serious issues like thyroid disease.


  • Unlimited free office visits

No need to delay when you have a concern about your cat’s health!

  • Dental cleaning including full pre-anesthetic work-up

Prevents serious infection, tooth loss, pain and potential for heart and kidney disease.  Thoroughly assesses your cat’s health before anesthesia.

  • Urine testing

Detects infections, dehydration and disease

  • Eye pressure test (2x)

Ensures your cat doesn’t have glaucoma or other eye problems.

  • Electrocardiogram

Verifies that the electrical system in the heart is functioning normally.

  • Additional urine testing

Detects infections, dehydration and disease.  Important to do twice a year for chronic disease diagnosis and management.

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