March 28, 2017

Early Care Plan Cats

Start your kitten off right. Establish an early habit of preventive care for your kittens less than six months of age.  Remember, dogs age 6-10 years for each one of ours.  Start them off on the right paw with the right plan.


  • “Introduction” comprehensive physical exam

This in-depth evaluation assesses your kitten overall health and establishes important baseline information.

  • “Graduation” comprehensive physical exam

Toward the end of your plan year, we’ll focus on what to expect as your kitten moves into adulthood and help you plan for the next stage of preventive care.

  • Vaccinations*

Protects against the most important infectious diseases your kitten can get.

  • Diagnostic testing including leishmania, ehrlichia and ear swab**

Identifies disease, parasites and infections.  Catches issues early before they become more serious and harder to treat.

  • Fecal exam (3x) and deworming (4x)

Detects and treats parasites and other intestinal organisms that can cause disease.

  • Free office visits

No need to delay when you have a concern about your kitten’s health!

  • 5% OFF

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